For businesses with limited space or low waste generation we can provide rolls of sacks.

Confidential waste sacks

We can provide you with a variety of security sacks and ties to ensure your confidential waste is stored safely and securely before collection. 

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Holds up to 54 Litres
Safe and Secure
Prompt collection with no disruption
Cost effective service

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General Waste & Recycling

Each sacks holds 54 litres of waste and are sold on rolls of 50.

Our general waste sacks are maroon in colour and robust enough to withstand the waste that is expected to go in them. If you do use sacks please ensure you do not place any sharp or excessively heavy items in them.

Our mixed dry recycling sacks are as above but are clear in colour.

Paper & Polywoven Sacks

Our paper sacks can hold around 15kg of paper waste. Polywoven sacks can hold up to 25kg.

Once the paper sack is sealed shut, the entire sack and its contents can be put into our shredders, without the sack having to be opened. The polywoven sacks are more heavy duty and can hold more material (up to 25kg) but the bag itself, although reusable, isn't recyclable.


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