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Serco has a very long track record of successfully designing, planting and maintaining horticultural displays and features. Many of our long established public sector customers are Local Authority customers where first class amenities provision is merely 'nice to have ' but an essential factor in securing the economic prosperity of the area.

Whilst at the same time, we are conscious of the fact that for the majority of our clients their horticultural aspirations for their area may not be matched by the available budget. In these circumstances, we work closely with our clients to ensure that every penny is economically spent and the maximum value is extracted from the clients available funding.

Due to the nature of the activity each site would be individually visited and quotation provided based upon both size and type of surface area requirement specified by the customer. 



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Work with local authorities
Cost effective service
Ensuring economic prosperity
Environmentally friendly

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Our experience and approach has afforded us the opportunity to further expand our service offering in delivering a similar range of services both to the private and public sector namely Parish and Town Councils respectively.

How we deliver

As a prestigious National BALI Award and Britain in Bloom Award winner, we have the ability to design, construct and maintain a complete range of planting schemes. They can be colourful, sustainable and pleasing to the appropriate landscape.

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